# January 29, 2021

# Various SC

  • remove background
  • turn off fishy
  • remove recipe filters
  • pick a store locator
    • storemapper.com
      • like it, will need Google Maps API key
      • no CC required for trial
      • will need premium (60)
    • storepoint
      • will need business (70)
      • do need a CC
      • uses google, but doesn't say you need your own API key
    • storerocket
      • uses Mapbox/Open Street maps
      • will need business (70)
      • no CC needed for trial
    • all three can sync with Google sheets
    • storerocket
      • have to add some empty columns to make the csv import work

# Monsido picking up a few more pages

# VEN Accessibility: Looking into keyboard only use on a landing page with a form

  • when "Request Free Samples" is clicked, we should move focus to the form.
  • when focus leaves the form, perhaps we should take that as a cue to close it.
  • not sure the submit button is getting focus correctly.
  • as far as the weird view with the invisible recaptcha, not sure how much control I can exercise over this, but I'll try it out.
  • I'll also attempt to clear any AXE errors.

# Small Sea Cuisine stuff

  • removing background texture from the footer
  • removing product filters
Last Updated: 2/26/2021, 2:26:28 PM