# January 27, 2021

# Helping G with Vanity URL issues

# Sending Monsido stuff to E

# SBXCA Monsido reporting review

# Team Meeting

# Talking about iOS nav again, I sad this.

looking at this again, the best thing I’ve found is that when the nav goes in and out, window.innerHeight does get updated, so you can technically write a script that would run on a throttled scroll event and detect if the innerHeight changed, and then… do something based on if it increased or decreased, like make your thing taller, or move it up. So maybe doable with 3 or 4 hours with all the testing you’d have to do. Of course innerHeight also changes if someone resizes their browser, or turns their phone or tablet sideways, so it might have too many side affects.

# BSH Maintenance

# SBXCA Finish run through of MONSIDO

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