# January 15, 2021

# Cleaning up Jira

# JMS JF Campaign small fix

# SHF Accessibility

  • home page paragraphs
  • getting local enviro back up to date
  • dealing with background videos
    • added support to honor prefers-reduced-motion
    • adding pause buttons, giving up on. Layout is just too complex for me to put a button in a good place. This is mostly because the background videos have overlays on top of them.
  • running Microsoft accessibility insights on a few pages
    • home page, fixed any issues
      • including moving some acf fed style stuff to the head
    • about page
      • no way I can clear the animating timeline
        • it's keyboard accessible, but it doesn't animate on keyboard focus. I don't think this is possible.
        • text reflow: all text fields have limitations on heights, so reflow or text resize can only go so far.
    • contact page
      • can't change gravity forms input types after the fact, so we're stuck with not having the correct tel or email types. Works ok in practice though.
Last Updated: 2/1/2021, 5:23:23 PM