# January 11, 2021

# JMS JF Campaign Pages

  • looking at Pardot and seeing if I can figure what M was talking about regarding "Pardot Actions"
  • nope, this won't work, M was thinking we'd use the Pardot API, but I'm not sure if we even have credentials for that, and using it doesn't make it any more secure.

# BSH K12 Director's Page

  • Modals on small viewports

# SBXCA Accessibility

  • removing US from the language/country switcher
  • translating French site map

# JMS JF Campaign pages

  • styling and building...
  • trying to find a solution for the e-mail issue, added a mailto link with no to, but subject and body...
    • also added https://clipboardjs.com/ to copy text to the clipboard.
Last Updated: 2/26/2021, 2:26:28 PM