# January 5, 2021

# BSH Forms

  • checking if changing notification settings lowers the price of formkeep
    • yep, making notifications be daily summaries instead of after every submission allows a lower tier plan

# SBX Accessibility

  • On the Go Yellow Color
  • Modals 😕
    • current modals use foundation/reveal. The newest version is accessible, but it doesn't seem like an easy replacement, and it doesn't really make sense to use all of Foundation just for that.
    • found a replacement, but it would be a very big job to replace all modals on the site all at once.
    • going to start by just replacing the sign-in modal and see how that goes
  • Registration process checks (form labels and headings mostly)
    • add to
  • Modals
    • a lot of our modals are actually programmatically initialized to do things on the 'opened' event, so we can return focus to the initiator on the 'closed' events in these cases.
    • close buttons aren't tab-able because they are fake links. Changing them to buttons works.
    • login done.
    • register done.

# SBX Winter

  • get assets?
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