# December 8, 2020

# CRB Accessibility Audit

  • Identify templates to test with IA
  • CRBCT Homepage [1 of 4]

# SBXCA FR FAQ Changes

  • Umbraco changes and a PDF placed on the server

# Improvise some analytics for the JIF tool

# SHF Meeting

# SBXCA Accessibility Tasks

  • Form Error Color Issues
    • adjusted error config colors. That should do it.
  • Moving to link colors tomorrow


  • I pointed out a lot of customers were complaining they couldn't find the rebate form anymore, so we're putting it back up.
  • reverted router change
  • added backed up json document back to the blog collection
  • copy changes too? but they don't make sense.
Last Updated: 12/22/2020, 3:04:58 AM