# December 3, 2020

# SHF Pro Phase II Client Meeting

  • incidentally, realized client form notification were set to "inactive" in Gravity forms. That's fun.
  • replace e-mail with new AS representative, and resent notifications. There were only about 20 relevant entries.

# JMS JF Tool

  • regroup meting

# JMS AOFB Build

  • build static files

# JMS JF Tool

  • checking on slowing down
    • did find an onRepeat method, and timeScale(), but not really doing what I want
    • refactored to use onRepeat
  • adding click handlers for other items in the wheel
  • fixing padding issues

# JMS AOFB Build

  • Helping M debug issues that are occurring on JMS servers

# CRB Hotjar issue

  • Looks like they maybe overwrote staging with production, instead of the other way around, and our login doesn't work anymore.

# BSH K12 Student Page

  • video section design updates
Last Updated: 12/22/2020, 3:04:58 AM