# June 26, 2019

# Reviewed Keurig font issues. There way it was setup is really messy again, naming each font-face rule a different name, making font-weight useless.

# Reviewing BSH's analytics problems.

  • There is a global download tag, but then specific tags on some download items, firing two tags.

# Estimating SEO Implementation on Bush's.

  • https://atmospherejs.com/meteor/spiderable
  • https://www.onely.com/blog/javascript-seo-experiment/
  • Generally recommending we do more research, or just redo the damn thing.
  • There are NO HEADING TAGS??

# Putting some textures into TAP Home page

  • R delivered assets

# Trying to validate dynamic routes in nuxt better. Discovered .some()

# Dev Lunch Meeting

  • D talked about Unity and Vuforia

# Back to Nuxt parameter validation

  • realized I was thinking about this all wrong. Validation happens first, before async, so you don't pass bad stuff into your API. Used a regex just to check there are no special characters other than hyphens and underscores instead.
  validate(params) {
    return /^[a-zA-Z0-9-_]+$/.test(params.uid)

Regex (opens new window) Info I needed : Validate after fetch (opens new window)

# Discussion with H about links in headers or headers in links lead to this interesting article

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