# June 17, 2019

# Worked on JMS Analytics fixes

Vue.filter('striphtml', function (value) {
  var div = document.createElement("div");
  div.innerHTML = value;
  var text = div.textContent || div.innerText || "";
  return text;
  • Added some code to automatically change the data-gtmaction attribute to download if the href has PDF, XLS, or XLSX in it.

# Reviewed KRG home page again.

# Trying out a Netlify form with my Nuxt base.

  • Basics work really well, but getting asynchronous to work is a bit trickier.
  • So it works fine if you want to redirect to a thank you page, but when I try to follow the instructions for asynchronous form submittals, they say to post to the same page, or the home page, however, that always gets a 404 and the form doesn't send through. Tabling this for now.

# Forked my nuxt base for the new TAP site

# Trying to use Prismic GraphQL API with Nuxt

  • https://github.com/nuxt-community/apollo-module
  • https://github.com/prismicio/apollo-link-prismic
  • https://github.com/prismicio/prismic-vue
  • Going to give up on GraphQL because of lack of features with prismic, and overall learning curve.

# Installing helper libraries for Prismic

  • Prismic Nuxt (opens new window)
  • Finally got the configuration correct and am getting some data, but I over-installed and have some Prismatic preview stuff I don't necessarily need.
  • Need to figure out how to get the data I need smoothly.
Last Updated: 6/18/2019, 12:14:03 AM