# June 14, 2019

# Vetting more CMSs

# Ghost

  • Ghost is great for blogs, and does have an API, but it's really designed more for writing, not as much custom, structured, data.

# Craft

  • Pricing = Free for 1 user, no support
  • If you want more accounts or accounts other than admin, $300 for multi-user / $60 a year for updates
  • CraftQL Plugin available for $60
  • Installed with Docker
  • Backend is pretty nice, they have a type of content called structure that can have a hierarchy
  • Installed the plugin Element API (opens new window) You have to write the APIs yourself though
  • no built in rich text editor, you have to use a plugin like redactor (opens new window)

# Contentful

  • Fully hosted content management
  • $40/month to start, free trial for development though
  • Pretty amazing, easy to make content types, API is good
  • You do have to requests lists separate from content, but that makes sense
  • It's actually free if you only have 1 admin role, but maybe more than one login?
    • ... you get 2 spaces and you get 24 content types
    • but, this is the same as "MICRO"
  • Nuxt tutorial (opens new window)
  • Graph QL https://www.contentful.com/developers/docs/references/graphql/

# Keystone JS

# Prismic

  • A little like contentful,
  • free for one user
  • JS library
  • Pretty Cool!
  • one weird feature, rich text editor uses separate array for html tags
  • GraphQL - https://prismic.io/blog/graphql-api-alpha-release

# Statamic

  • Very interesting, but not for this project.
  • Like wordpress, but no database, all content is rendered out to markdown or yaml
    • unclear how these get published w/o running get commands.
  • $100 for a license Statamic (opens new window)

# Netlify CMS

  • uses netlify infrastructure to work.
  • configure types in yml.
  • stores markdown files
  • really meant for github, since I believe it makes commits for you

# Publii

  • https://getpublii.com/
  • Uses an app, you keep your files in Dropbox or something
  • Super fast it says
    • AMP support
  • No API or anything
  • have to use a theme
  • not clear if you can create custom post types

# Kirbi

  • like statamic, it's databaseless
  • https://getkirby.com/

# Storyblok

  • interesting, could be good, has free tier
  • however, it's main boast is a visual editor, or a preview, which I don't fee like we need.
  • digging in, it seems like it's big thing is pages and previews
  • has nuxt hookups
  • interesting!

# Probably going to go with Prismic

# Working on TAP UI Kit

  • manually assigned variables to my default-sizing mixin
$mobile-margin: 1.5625em;
$desktop-margin: 2em;

@mixin default-sizing($max) {
  margin-left: $mobile-margin;
  margin-right: $mobile-margin;
  max-width: $max;
  @include breakpoint(large) {
    margin-left: $desktop-margin;
    margin-right: $desktop-margin;
  @include breakpoint ($max up) {
    margin-left: auto;
    margin-right: auto;
    padding-left: $desktop-margin;
    padding-right: $desktop-margin;
  • this thing is so nice, because it transitions from margins on mobile to padding right when you hit your max-width.
  • keeps your margin's the same for the whole project, but, lets you vary your max-widths.
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