# June 12, 2019

# Tried more docker/strapi stuff.

  • Locally, installed the graphql plugin, and confirmed that axios can query this by sending queries as data to the graphql endpoint.

# Met with account service about Minor's and how environments and deployments work.

# Lunch and learn with devs, showed my Codepen, and showed off Netlify

# Reviewed PLV site form mongo data, transformed to Excel and tested

  • submitted for acceptance

# Meeting with Analytics team to talk about process

  • Decided we are going to do a simple GTM training for devs.
  • Will work on testing scripts as a part of the QA process.

# Meeting with analytics team to talk about JMS analytics QA

  • A couple of items will be put in Jira to work on.
  • A few things need to get asked of Account service

# Going to check out GraphQL plugin for Wordpress before I give up on that.

Last Updated: 6/13/2019, 2:46:22 AM