# June 11, 2019

# We scrummed about JMS and talked about images and design

  • I need to recheck the product thumbnail settings, not sure they're working.

# I did a bit of research on Umbraco E-commerce solutions

  • Ucommerce, Merchello, and Teacommerce all seem promising

# I peer reviewed H's work on PLV site questionnaire.

# I'm demoing Strapi for other senior devs.

  • Need to explore GraphQL to avoid having to deal with the entire relationship payload.

# Interviewed Front-end candidate

# Checked on and updated those JMS Thumbnails.

  • In Pimcore, added Frame after Contain, then Set Backgroundcolor after that. This gives us the thumbnail we want.

# Interviewed director/sales candidate

# Tried to update Strapi in it's docker image, but this image has the wrong node version, doesn't have curl or apt-get

  • Frustrated

# Tried to make my own node docker image with strapi, got it running once, but eh, wouldn't work after restart

# Running strapi locally and connecting to docker mongo db works though.

  • Need to discuss deployment options with E.
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