# June 7, 2019

# I provided some design direction for checkboxes and found this good NN article.

NN Checkboxes vs Radio Buttons (opens new window)

# Working on some block grid stuff, and concocting some complicated nth-child stuff

  • Found some good suggestions here at nthmaster (opens new window)
  • Trying something that will fit with 3, 4, 9, 10, 15, 16, 21...
  • This is what ended up working... I didn't realize you can chain nth-child like this.
&.trend-callout:nth-child(3n):nth-child(odd) {
  • although I do believe nth-child(6n-2) or something similar would work as well.
  • no solutions yet. Seems like iOS.
  • discovered it was the products loading, hash works, then things load above it, pushing it down.

# Spent some time testing Strapi with real content.

  • finding that the real power is in the relationships datatype
  • rich text editor is markdown only, which is fine, but it does deliver in markdown, requiring a plugin to change to HTML.
  • although I am worried about more modular based approaches. Maybe content types can be modules and then they can be composed with relationships.

# Spun H up on using forms in Nuxt to implement some changes next week

# Added a facebook pixel to a Nuxt site

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